FitRev Training Gym Rebrand
2023 – PRESENT

Increasing cost to acquire leads and a steadily decreasing conversion rate from years of running Free 6 Week Challenges forced Jason S, owner of FitRev Training, to steadily increase the upfront ticket cost.

Jason rightfully identified that this was a short-term solution. So, he reached out to for a solution.

We identified that FitRev Training had key unique value propositions that were not communicated effectively.

Their positioning in the market was generic; another gym focused on results, yet his best customers were high-end personal training clients who wanted a premium service.  

First, we identified, researched, and interviewed their top customers to uncover what made them gravitate towards FitRev Training.

Then, we used that knowledge to build visual and verbal systems designed for this client type to position FitRev Training as the premium choice in their local market.

We redesigned and built a new website, ensuring it was user-friendly on all devices and search engine optimized so prospects could find them on Google.

Armed with content management systems for articles, a testimonial showcase, and a system to distribute content to Google Posts, FitRev Training could now drive organic, high-intent traffic to the site without spending money on ads.

Behind the scenes, we trained Jason to foster community and build brand awareness.

We launched two new classes and mindset training to build the value proposition further to attract higher-quality clients and improve retention. To ensure consistency in the experience, we used our Brand Regimen system to unify all the assets and serve as guidelines for future projects.

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Customer Experience

Main Photo by Marqos Malnado
FitRev Training Gym Transformation
FitRev Training Gym Logo Concept
FitRev Training Scalable Identity System
FitRev Training Gym Banner Design
FitRev Training Gym Website Design
FitRev Training Gym Owner Business Card
FitRev Training Gym Asset Design
FitRev Training Gym Brand System | Fit Kit Studio Brand Regimen

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