SET → 01


Differentiate your mission, vision, and values to stand out – from the foundation.

Fit Results

Rebranding a Boutique HIIT Studio


A facilitative strategy sprint for brand clarity.


• Develop your long term advantage.
• Discover your mission, vision, & value statements.
• Identify key target personas and ideal users.
• Roadmap for building branded assets.
• Backed by market and competitor research.
• All packaged into a single digital PDF.

Starting at $2500+
We get to know you, your business, and your customers so we can challenge assumptions and uncover insights into the heart of your organization.
Next, we unearth insight into relevant markets, referencing competitors and inspirations. to uniquely position your brand. This will help uniquely position your brand and define where we do and don't want to operate.
Finally, we set goals and prioritize them based on your organization's needs. These can be based on staff, budget, or preferences. We'll end up with a filter, blueprint, and roadmap to build your brand's assets effectively and efficiently.

SET → 02


Don't pretend. Become authentic, memorable, and unique.


Fit Results

Rallying a Community through Fitness


Did we mention beautiful?


• Stylescapes - Concept Directions (Pick One)
• Logo + all variations (digital, print file formats)  
• Color + all formats & code (digital, print, paint)
• Typography (all formats)
• Additional Graphic Assets, Iconography (as required)
• Messaging Framework (additional cost)
• Mockups - Examples of Identity in Practical Application
• Brand Guidelines (for proper usage) PDF

Starting at $3500+
Includes "Prep"
Style Scape1/4
Before we start designing, we’ll curate & generate (3) concept directions. This allows us to quickly gauge and test ideas with your feedback, saving valuable time and resources.
Logo + Visual Identity2/4
Next, we design the logo and identity based on the chosen concept. Your brand starts to materialize, with logo variations, typography, brand colors, and more.
A brand must be visually appealing and verbally compelling. This messaging framework will give the foundation for marketing & copywriting and is the perfect compliment.

(Additional Cost Required)
Brand Guidelines3/3
Good brands are consistent. No matter what you build in the future, brand guidelines help establish & maintain the quality and authenticity of your brand.

SET → 03


A beautiful digital experience that wows as much as it converts.


Fit Results - WEBSITE

Crafting a Digital Experience that Converts


Function first. Everything after.


• Everything in "Visualize"
• Messaging Framework (included)
• Customer Journey & User Flow
• Includes 5 Web Page designs and development
• Asset creation (additional cost)
• SEO - On Page Search Engine Optimized (No errors)
• Google Analytics Integration
• Guide & course for website maintenance.

Starting at $5000+
Includes "Prep"
Verbally compelling and aligned with brand strategy, the messaging framework is required to properly develop a high converting website.
User Flows & Customer Journey 2/5
A quick sprint to wireframe and create user flows for the most optimized customer journey for this website. This is relative to your business' goals and needs.
Web Design & Development 3/5
Design and develop a beautiful, engaging, user-friendly, interactive, and responsive website across all screen sizes in Webflow.
SEO & Data Analytics4/5
Includes initial Search Engine Optimization til no major errors for On-Page SEO verified by Semrush. Google Analytics integration so this site can be tracked, adapted and adjusted based on your campaigns and customer's growing wants & needs.

Other API and web integration may be added upon request. (requires additional cost)
A Digital Foundation5/5
This touchpoint are carefully crafted in consideration of your business's goals and priorities. We only design websites that are useful, goal-oriented, and give a good, first brand impression.

SET → 04


Just like gains, trust is built with consistency.


We ask one question: how can we further create value, delight, and engagement for your customers?

Prioritize the Customer, Optimize Your Business1/3
From advertising campaigns to digital experiences to brick and mortar redesigns, our team is prepared to provide the best service possible and solve your problems. Our goal is to provide a solution that helps your business and prioritizes your customer.
Pure Execution2/3
Every campaign and project will be backed by analytics and data. The conversions will be measured & optimized for the business. This helps us make the most informed decisions while still prioritizing the needs of our customers.
"Nurture" Partnership3/3
Every brand's nurturing strategies are different. Every brand we've designed will have the foundation, tools, and roadmap for execution. A "Nurture" partnership just takes the load off your shoulders. We'll push for consistent growth and together, your brand change more lives.

Price varies. Let's chat!

Our toolbox

We insist on having the right tools to get new digital innovations out there fast. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the tools we have on hand.
T → 001
Design thinking
Agile development
Creative sprints
Digital first strategy
T → 002
PHP & Laravel
T → 003
Product development
Digital design
User experience
Mobile app design
User interface design
Code and web-development
User testing
T → 004
Product launches
Employer branding
Brand platforms
Digital campaigns
Film & motion graphics
Online storytelling

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