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Graveyard Shift Mobile App Spread Hero Shot


Disrupting the Mental Health to Maximize Accessibility


Future-Proof your Fitness Business

In a rapidly changing world of instant information and an increasingly lower barrier to entry in business, it's no longer good enough to just show up and compete.

You have to stand out.

Starting at $2500+
Brand Blueprint1/4
Find the balance between your business, your customers and your unique values through live sessions and deep market research designed to challenge assumptions, uncover insights, and prioritize your organization.

Goal: Create long term, future-proof advantage.
Visual Transformation2/4
Sculpt a visual identity that appeals to your audience with a system that modernizes your brand, positioning it leagues above the competition at every customer interaction point.

Goal: Shape a visually-striking, unforgettable brand physique.
Copywriting Circuit3/4
Deliver a narrative that sticks, verbiage that resonates, and copy that inspires action with a messaging system that aligns tone and voice across all channels.

Goal: Craft a story that amplifies and flexes your brand's presence.
Brand Regimen4/4
Package brand essentials (listed above) into a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide. Use it to consistently, efficiently, and effectively build trust, influence emotions, and make lasting impact.

Goal: Establish a brand-building routine that fosters trust and creates lasting impressions.

SET → 02

Fit Results Website Mockup

Fit Results - WEBSITE

Crafting a Digital Experience that Converts

SET 02 - Website kit

Strike a Power Pose: Your Brand's Digital First Impression.

The web is the focal point and foundation for your brand's digital presence. It's where all the traffic naturally flows and it's often the real first impression a person has with your brand.

You have to make it count.

Starting at $3500+
Includes "Prep"
Digital Oasis1/4
Design and develop a captivating, user-friendly, and interactive website using Webflow. Ensure your brand looks and functions beautifully across all screen sizes. And yes, it will be easy to update and manage.

Goal: Build a robust digital hub for your brand.
Muscle Memory Metrics2/4
Leverage technical (SEO), Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and custom API integrations (as needed) to track, measure, and adapt the site based on the evolving needs of your brand.

Goal: Implement a system that provides actionable insights for informed decision-making.
Conversion Calisthenics3/4
Craft irresistible offers and incorporate them into landing pages. Test, tweak, and optimize these pages for conversions along with any ad campaigns.

Goal: Turn traffic and clicks into leads and clients.
Stamina Elevation Output4/4
Initiate a round of content to tap into (local) SEO traffic, deliver value to client base and build digital authority.

Goal: Kickstart momentum for organic traffic to your site.

SET → 03

Fit Results Woman Lifting in Group Fitness Class

Fit Results

40% Year-Over-Year Growth Marketing Case Study


Superset Your Brand's
Impact and Reach

Unify your brand presentation across all touch points to establish consistency. Consistency builds trust and trust converts to loyalty and action. Pair this with the latest best practices for marketing and expect to build a powerful tribe and impact more lives.

Or another brand will.

Starting at $5000+
Includes "Prep"
Asset Accumulation1/5
Capture the heart of your brand with high-quality photos and videos. These tangible assets, highlighting your unique experience and offerings, will serve as powerful marketing tools to be repurposed in many applications.

Goal: Showcase your brand's uniqueness through captivating visual assets.
Power Pack Ads2/5
Conquer the advertising space with Facebook and Instagram ads packaged, targeted, and set up to test for top performers to ensure your brand never misses a beat in capturing attention.

Goal: Hit your target audience with precision.
Retention Overhaul3/5
Customize merch and apparel, white-label nutrition guidelines and brand equipment, every touchpoint is a chance to enhance your customer's experience and reinforce your brand's presence.

Goal: Extend your brand's influence beyond the digital realm, into a lifestyle.
Lead Nurture Lift4/5
Boost customer relationships with optimized email and SMS automation tailored to your CRM. Transform every interaction into a brand-building opportunity that facilitates seamless onboarding and fosters customer loyalty.

Goal: Streamline customer onboarding, and turn leads into paying clients.
Harness the power of partnerships. Sync with various top-tier fitness software and platforms collaborating with Fit Kit Studio, to create a robust, unified system to drive your operations.

Goal: Elevate operational efficiency, boosting your brand's performance and scalability.

Our toolbox

We insist on having the right tools to get new digital innovations out there fast. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the tools we have on hand.
T → 001
Design thinking
Agile development
Creative sprints
Digital first strategy
T → 002
PHP & Laravel
T → 003
Product development
Digital design
User experience
Mobile app design
User interface design
Code and web-development
User testing
T → 004
Product launches
Employer branding
Brand platforms
Digital campaigns
Film & motion graphics
Online storytelling

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