Fit Kit Studio is a Chicago-based agency that transforms fitness brands to attract their tribe & change more lives.

We deliver packaged brand-building solutions for results-driven differentiation.

Think of us like a Personal Trainer, but for your brand.

We believe that the world is better when people are healthier, happier, and growing. Thus a fitness brand can be an essential step for one’s journey towards their best self.

Our mission is to foster that opportunity so more people can discover the healthier, stronger, and happier version of themselves.

Yen Kai Huang
Founder, Studio Director  
Certified Brand Strategist
Fitness changed my life. It was not long ago that I was 70 lbs heavier, depressed, anxious, and just getting by in business and life. Only after prioritizing health and fitness, did everything else fall in place. The journey taught me one thing.

Everyone has undiscovered potential and fitness is the ultimate catalyst.
While I've always designed and built brands, there was never a deeper, more fulfilling project than branding for my first gym client. Not only was I passionate about the project, but seeing the positive impact the work had on the gym and its community was profoundly impactful. This, coinciding with my own fitness transformation, gave me a big realization:

This was what I was put on earth to do.

So I committed my knowledge of branding and marketing to focus on the fitness industry so that together, we can impact lives for the better.

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Yen Kai Huang
Founder, Studio Director
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Global Executive Creative
Director, Partner
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